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Find the trailer that fits your needs.

Workhorse Trailers has created a large selection of trailers available to make sure the trailer you take home is what best fits your needs. Not only having a wide variety to choose from but also having different models to keep a budget in mind. There are a handful of upgrades to choose from. In addition to having excellent quality, we want to make sure your experience with us is great, our team is extremely kind, informative and will help in any way possible to answer any questions you have. Come check us out!

Workhorse Trailer Guide

Utility Trailers

Utility trailers have unlimited uses, starting with light duty jobs such as dump runs to hauling motorcycles and lawnmowers.  Side by sides and four wheelers fit great on utility trailers to transport to any location.  Utility trailers come in single and tandem axles to carry the necessary weight.

Car Haulers

Car Haulers are a universal build, they can carry smaller items with heavier loads together, such as sides with four wheelers, golf carts, cars, and small tractors, etc.  Car haulers can be loaded from the back with ramps as well as the side with a forklift. In addition to residential use, car haulers in 7K and 10K can also be used as a light duty commercial trailer.

Equipment Haulers

Equipment haulers are built bullet proof and sturdy to haul bigger and heavier equipment along with attachments, such as skid steers, mini excavators, and trenchers.  Machinery including tractors, farming equipment etc, can be very heavy to transport, the equipment hauler has heavy duty components to last.

Deck Over Trailers

Deck Over Trailers can also carry the heavy duty equipment.  They are also great for loading miscellaneous sized and shaped equipment because the deck of the trailer sits over the axles and does not have side railing that may confine the space needed. Deck overs are also used in commercial businesses to transport palletized goods.

Enclosed Cargo

Enclosed Cargo Trailers are an excellent option for anyone looking to keep their toys or miscellaneous items from being weathered and all season storing needs. Also used to haul classic cars to the show or race cars down to the track.  Enclosed trailers are a great way to transport construction tools to the job site where they are locked and safe.

Gooseneck Trailer

Gooseneck Trailers are attached in the bed of a truck to give the maximum load capacity, typically very long in length and have heavy duty fold down, spring assisted max ramps for easy loading machinery. 

Tilt Deck Trailer

Tilt Deck Trailers have a hydraulic system that is used to lower the rear of the trailer for loading equipment easily without ramps. 

Custom Builds

Workhorse custom trailer builds vary from small landscape trailers to extensive solar panel trailers and everything in between.  When designing a custom trailer, multi-use is the most common.  If you can think it, we can build it to fit your needs and specifications.

Equipment Haulers

Enclosed Cargo